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It was the day before the party, and when the names were drawn
you are the secret santa claus to whoever is always on this bang
but as someone who does not imbue himself personally
you have no idea what to get someone from this tribe
but fear not, i am here to be your gift stamp
with a list of thoughtful Christmas stockings to stoner …

1. Fire – (if they smoke, they need fire to smoke)

One guaranteed way to please your stoner is to be the friend who gives him a lighter rather than the friend who leaves with his lighter. But whether they need a lighter for their flower or a torch for their tampons, fire is always a solid gift idea for the smokers on your list. Naturally, you need to know a bit more about their preferences and how they participate, but it’s one thing they can never get enough of.

2. Humidifier Substitutes – (when they have a smoke session, make sure their green is cool)

Another simple idea: turn all those plastic containers that the flower goes into a makeshift humidifier to maintain freshness. There are many humidity pack holder options on the market, and I recently received thin paper packs made by generation to generation humidifier manufacturers, Boveda. This was good because they were less intrusive than others I’ve tried, leaving enough room for my flower to be stored next to it.

3. UV pots – (if they store flowers, keep the power)

Some of the smokers on your list are wholesale buyers who pick up an ounce or two at a time, to limit the number of trips they have to make until availability, and to save some greenery. This means they need solid storage options that protect the integrity of the heads. And some damage comes from sunlight. So an airtight, UV resistant jar will help keep the jar strong and cool. These jars make great stocking stuffers because they will easily fit into both the party sock and your budget.

4. Dab rig gear – (lots of gift ideas for Santa’s bag if your friend is about that dab)

From nails and dabbers, platforms, caps, scraps and more, dabbing requires many pieces of the puzzle to pull it off. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities here for potential pothead giveaways. Again, some parts like nails require you to have a bit of knowledge about their rig and the nail size they would need (10mm, 14mm or 18mm) and whether they prefer a male, female or even a quartz firecracker. The same goes for parts like a recovery catcher for oil and carbohydrate plugs, but other parts like pads, buffer jars, silicone non-slip mats and even some of the cleaning / cleaning equipment. Multifunction stamping tools require less insight into their existing and routine platform.

5. Roller board – (follow the path of the pillar and grab them a roller board)

Another common piece of equipment is a rolling tray. These simple and practical little helpers provide the much-needed flat surface for rolling up joints and blunts, without leaving a bunch of kief crumbs and weeds all over the table, laptop, book, or other substitute used in a room. pinch of pot head. Much more stylish and cannabis-focused trays have popped up over the years, so you can usually find one that will appeal to the sensibilities and special interests of smokers like you are Santa Claus.

6. Munchie Mixes – (because Mary Jane can bring hunger pangs)

You can even go the traditional Christmas stocking path and stock up on candy and snacks. That’s almost always an option, because you see, by the end of December, all leftover Halloween candy and Thanksgiving pie are long gone. We need more candy because Mary Jane suffers from hunger on a regular basis.

7. Grinders – (the perfect gift is easy to find if you focus on their day-to-day)

If you fill the smokers’ stockings rolling theirs, they know the process can get a little sticky. Grinders easily prepare heads to roll and keep things from getting dirty. So add this tool to their arsenal. They will be grateful to you for doing so.

8. – Pipes, chillums & canoes, oh my god! – (get out of your ass and have a drink)

Glass gear is always a great gift, especially since most buds can never have too many canna traps. From pipes to bongs, chillums to dugout canoes with a batter, there are plenty of options. Sometimes the basics are the best.

9. Accessories storage – (do us a favor – give us a place to store our equipment)

We’ve talked about a lot of gear, so you get a feel for how quickly this collection of canna gear can get out of hand. Some kind of compact container for our various paraphernalia is always an idea. From cigar boxes to felt bags, a good storage spot helps keep things organized and is usually a welcome addition to the bottom.

10. Media and Games – (here we are, entertain us)

The last entry on this list comes from the traditional side of giveaways – games and basic media to keep us entertained and vibrate under the influence. It could include books, music, movies, games. Like that of John Stewart Half Cooked cameo taught us, improvement smokers think that everything is better when you are “stoned with weed!” And that’s going to triple for media and games, so that’s still an option for the potheads on your list.

… now that ends our list, yes the writing is over
hope you have some new ideas, a gift for everyone
and I’m going to conclude this post a bit like Santa Claus does,
Happy holidays to all, and a good buzz to all!

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