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Here we are, about 13 weeks after Easter Sunday. And the Sunday school lesson assigned to my class was related to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As I was preparing for my lesson, it occurred to me that for Christians the subject of our risen Lord should be an ever topical and ever exciting topic.

Looking at scripture and history, the evidence for the resurrection is strong. Yet, from the first moments after Christ rose from the dead (e.g. Luke 24) until today, we see skeptics still not accepting that the Son of God was raised from the dead .

I vividly remember a time in my philosophy class at the big secular college I attended, where the professor boasted that “Jesus and Elvis really are alike.”

He said that both attracted many followers in life and after their death people claimed to see them alive. Yet one quick-witted student said, “But Professor, I saw Elvis’ grave at Graceland and it was occupied. Meanwhile, the tomb of Jesus is empty!

The professor – like all the other skeptics before or after him – had no answer. The Bible says, “(Jesus) presented himself alive to them after his sufferings through many trials, appearing to them for forty days and telling them of the Kingdom of God(Acts 1:3).

Whether you look at scripture or history, the evidence for the resurrection is compelling. I recommend Josh McDowell’s “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” or Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” if you’re looking to dive deeper into the evidence. But to receive the Truth, your heart must be ready, not hardened.

Pause today to reflect on the claims of Christ and this glorious reality of the Resurrection. Spend time worshiping and praying to Jesus. Spend time talking to family members or a relative about this Bible truth.

Not only at Easter, but every day, let us rejoice that the tomb is empty. Rejoice that Jesus is alive—and even more than that, He lives forever!

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