Blog: Nebraska High School 1000 Yard Rushers Return for 2022 (01/07/22)


Aurora’s tough Carlos Collazo (#2/bottom right) will be one of Nebraska’s top running backs in 2022.

Thirty-one 1000 Yard Rushers are returning for the 2022 Nebraska high school football season. Fifteen fullbacks who rushed for more than a thousand yards a year ago came from the 11-Man ranks, 12 from the 8-Man game and 4 from the D3 class, Six-Man ranks.

Nearly a third of these elite runners are in their third thousand-yard season and are indicated on the list by a pair of asterisks. Now one of those young stars North Platte St. Pats Jackson Roberts, is just a junior chasing that third gem and could become the 8th Nebraska high school in history to rack up FOUR 1,000 yard seasons .

Brandon Holtorf-Prague – 1998-2000 (5,348 in career) (2-Eight-Man, 2-Six Man), Mike Brower-Geneva/Fillmore Central – 2000-2003 (6099 career) (11-Man), Jacob Morrill Creighton – 2010-2013 (5,348 career) (8-Man), AJ Jenkins-Wilcox-Hildreth – 2012-2015 (6,408 career), Moses Bryant-Elkhorn South – (2014-2017) (11-Man) (5,454 Career), Dylan Kaup-Norfolk Catholic – (2015-2018) (11-Man) (7,580 Career) and Quade Myers-Dundy County/Stratton – (2018-2021) (5,915 Careers) have all carved their names in stone with these 4 consecutive 1000-yard campaigns.

We’ll dive deeper into each of these runners starting this weekend, but the players I saw live who looked really special include Elkhorn South’s Cole Ballard, North Platte St. Pats’ Jackson Roberts, Karter Kerkman from Norfolk Catholic, Hyatt Collins from Adams Central and the rugged and overwhelming Carlos Collazo from Aurora.

Don’t forget that Roberts will be testing the waters of 8-Man this fall with his Irish team St. Pats embarking on this major brand of high school football for the next 2-year cycle.

This guy is already looking forward to an early season treat when Trevor Thomson and his Summerland pals travel to Spalding to meet Riverside in an early August 19 game.

So, without further ado, it’s the thousand-meter runners coming back in 2022;

2022 Return of the 1000 Yard Rushers

Easton Weber – BDS, 2,246, Sr. (8M2)

Carlos Collazo -Aurora, 2022, Sr. (11M/C1)

Jack Wemhoff-Elgin/Pope John, 1937, Sr.** (8M2)

Trevor Thomson-Summerland, 1,861, Sr.** (8M1)

Karter Kerkman-Norfolk Catholic, 1852, Sr. (11M/C2)

Isaiah Zelasney-Osceola, 1,818, Sr.** (8M2)

Sebastien Boyle-Scottsbluff, 1808, Jr. (11M/B)

Cade Hosier-Elmwood-Murdock, 1626, Sr.** (8M1)

Te’Shaun Porter-Omaha North, 1610, Sr. (11M/A)

Corbin Horner-Dundy Co/Stratton, 1609, Sr. (8M1)

Breckan Schluter-Exeter-Milligan/FriendF, 1596, Jr. (8M2)

Jackson Roberts-North Platte St. Pats, 1,475, Jr.** (8M1)

Gaige Ritner-Wilcox-Hildreth, 1430, Jr. (6 months)

Andy Maloley-Pawnee City, 1,372, Sr.** (6 months)

Chandler Page-Parkview Christian, 1,317, father (6 months)

Brady Cook-Fullerton, 1,316, senior (8M2)

Kenyon County Gaston-Hitchcock – 1296, Jr. (8M1)

Bayler Poston-Nebraska City, 1248, Sr. (11M/C1)

Dylan Hurlburt-Ord, 1,244, Jr. (11M/C2)

Braeden Stull-Scottsbluff, 1,215, Sr. (11H/B)

Cole Ballard-Elkhorn South, 1,207, father (11 M/A)

Marty Brown-Creighton Prep, 1,201, senior (11 M/A)

Brock Roblee-North Platte, 1,186, father (11 M/A)

Jake Garcia-Omaha Gross, 1185 years old, Sr** (11M/B)

Demarico Young-South Sioux City, 1174, Jr. (11M/B)

Trevin Wendt-Pleasanton, 1147 Sr** (8M2)

Josh Wattier-Wausa – 1,146 Sr. (8M2)

Luke Kasten-Potter-Dix, 1,128, Sr.** (6 months)

Hyatt Collins-Adams Central, 1121, Sr** (11M/C1)

Deegan Nelson-Beatrice 1097, Sr. (11M/B)

Kason Loomis-Bridgeport, 1000, father (11M/C2)

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