Blog: Learn more about Jesus during Epiphany (1/19/22)


By Perry Aalgaard – First Lutheran Church

We are currently in the Christian Church season of Epiphany, the time between Christmas and Lent. It is a season of appearing, appearing, manifesting and revealing God through Jesus. This revelation of Jesus can come to us in different ways: one is through gathering and interacting with others, such as Bible study or worship. Coming together for a time of study and conversation with others can help us learn more about God and how God has been revealed to them in their lives. It can help us see how God might appear to us. Studying the gospels will also help us know God by seeing what Jesus does and says. In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we read that Jesus welcomes children, the excluded and the sick. We see how much Jesus cared about everyone he met. One of the things we learn about Jesus is that he gets to know people and cares about everyone. Interestingly, he is ostracized by religious leaders for hosting and eating with sinners. His response tells us that he came for the lost, that he came for those in need of healing. As we read the gospels, we see Jesus coming to save and love those who are lost and broken.
I invite you to do a little research, come together in a study or conversation about Jesus, attend worship, read the Gospels, and be open to allowing Jesus to be revealed to you. See how He seeks, loves and heals the lost and broken. As you read, I also invite you to look for places in your life where you could let Jesus work his love and healing.

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