Blog: How Your Church Can Fundraise for a New Social Cause Campaign (1/21)


As the church grows, its need for money also increases, but sometimes the collections of donations and tithes are not enough to meet this need. There might be a need to renovate, buy land, buy a pastor’s house, or send a team to local or international missions.

Sometimes the church may need to reach out beyond its membership and raise funds from the general community, fundraising platforms, and other means. When organizing a fundraiser, the church should identify the need, the target amount, and the fundraising methods to use.

Using online donations

According to, church online donations are growing in popularity, particularly due to recent lockdowns when church members could not attend services and other congregation activities. With digital giving, you are giving your church members easy giving solutions.

Devotees can use the app tools to donate their contributions and make recurring donations. The tool also provides an easier way for administration. Online donations are secure, fast, and make it easy for members to register using their phone.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising can also be called networking and involves reaching out to a member who then reaches out to other people. The people who are contacted do not have to be members of the same church. Members can start with their family members and move on to friends, co-workers, classmates, friends of friends, etc.

This type of donation creates a long chain of donors for a cause. Some churches have raised over $ 150,000 through this method and have exceeded their fundraising goal. What is most important with this method is accountability.

Social networks

When social media was first developed, people used these platforms to chat with friends. Today, many businesses are using the platforms for marketing purposes and churches can use them for fundraising. Almost everyone owns a phone and logs into their social media accounts on a daily basis.

On their social media pages, the church can create a page specifically to raise funds and share it with members. The secret is to share on all available social media platforms and direct the donor to where to send their contributions. Once the fundraiser is over, the page should be closed to prevent abuse.

Start a season of giving

A season of giving is a time within the specific church community when members give sacrificially in support of a major church project. For example, a church might have plans to buy a mission vehicle, build a Sunday school block, or an office building.

The development committee prepares a budget and the leader briefs the congregation during the Sunday or Saturday service. They have set a date of about a month when the reader will begin.

Between the announcement date and the start of the campaign, members can get involved and prepare what they want to donate. The campaign could last a month to give every member a chance to get something to give.

Sell ​​items

Another effective fundraising method is to sell items to members and the community. The church holds a fundraising day and asks each department to prepare for the day. They invite other churches, clergy, businessmen, politicians and employees.

The host church prepares items for sale, such as cookies, toys, keepsakes, electronics, Bibles, pendants, etc. During the fundraising day, those in attendance give cash, write checks and purchase items.

Fundraising breakfast, lunch or dinner

This method has been used by politicians to raise funds for campaigns and businessmen have used it to pool funds to help them grow their businesses. Churches can use the same method to raise funds beyond their purposes.

The organizers make arrangements with a hotel or restaurant and get food at a reduced rate. If, for example, it costs $ 15, they may charge $ 50 per plate because it is a fundraising campaign. Members will reserve their plates in advance and the organizers will pay the hotel as agreed and use the rest of the money for the church project.

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