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Yes… I said “Christmas” wishes. I said it because it is, after all, the Christmas season. And I have some hopes and wishes for each of you.

For example, I hope you have a lot of wishes for yourself and your loved ones, and the most beneficial wishes for you and your family come true.

I wish each of us healthy and productive work to do with our hands. I hope we will seek and find ways to help and serve others. I think nothing gives a feeling of fulfillment like helping someone. And I hope that someone in your life finds the time and opportunity to help you out when the need arises. Doing for others doesn’t have to be mutual, but it doesn’t hurt when it is.

Hope you dream big and reach high. I hope you still seek, find and live the truth. And I hope you still see the light of truth that’s always here to see, if we have to look.

I wish everyone could be, as the Bible says, strong and courageous. I believe with all my heart that we will find the strength and courage to face the year ahead. Being strong and courageous requires a safe place to stand and take a stand; a solid foundation, if you will. The future, and most likely the near future, will be filled with change for many. And these changes might just happen to us quickly, like a thief in the night, so to speak.

That is why I also want to wish you a happy, joyful and grateful heart; a heart full of laughter and song can take us through a lot.

I wish you love and peace, warmth and comfort of home and family.

Above all, I wish you Jesus. Do you remember Jesus? It’s a feast about Jesus. If you look at the very name of the holiday, you can see its heavenly title: CHRISTmas. I hope with all my heart that we seek and find him each.

From our house to yours, God bless you and keep you always – and may you have a very Merry Christmas!

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