Blog: After heavy storms, a beautiful holiday weekend!


This morning it was the calm before the storms. We had a few clouds and fog, but there was no rain for the morning ride.

A warm front was rising to our north with a cold front far to the west.

Regional weather map

Clouds will thicken throughout the day, but the breeze will remain steady from the south. So the high temperatures should be able to warm up to the low 80s with some mid 80s possible. Some of the higher level energy is already heading into the area.

Water vapour

Notice the white/light green band over western Virginia and North Carolina. That’s what I’m talking about.

That means a few showers and thunderstorms will start around noon.

Future Trak (early afternoon)

The models are a little split on how quickly the storms kick in, but looking at the latest, I’m siding with those kicking things off at noon.

(HRRR pattern (early afternoon)

Thunderstorms will continue until mid-afternoon.

Future (late afternoon)

It can help (a little) because we won’t have time for the atmosphere to really cook. However, there will be enough moisture and wind shear that strong to severe storms are still possible today. We have a slight chance of severe weather for much of the viewing area.

High and destructive winds will be the main threat. Remember that winds will already be blowing up to 25 mph from the south before the storms even arrive. Storms could easily produce gusts of 50 mph or more. There will be brief heavy showers. I hope the storms will be on the move. So, for now, I think there could be isolated flooding in the streets. There will be a risk of large hail. Isolated tornadoes will also be possible in the area.

The first round of storms could take some of the punch of the 2nd round tonight. However, there will be some possible showers and thunderstorms until late evening. The cold front will not pass before tonight. It might just drop a few light rain showers until early tomorrow morning.

After that we will have good weather for the holiday weekend. We will have partly cloudy skies for most of Saturday with highs in the 80s. We will be dry all day. Then we will be dry and hot on Sunday and Monday.

Memorial Day Weekend Forecast

Have a safe holiday weekend!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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