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The Big Brother 24 The premiere airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Tonight, sixteen strangers will move into Big Brother’s house. Their every move will be monitored 24/7 as they compete, strategize and vote to kick each other out. At the end of the summer, one Houseguest will be voted the winner and take home the grand prize of $750,000. As always, viewers and guests should “expect the unexpected.” Julie teases that this year’s twist will be ‘BB Fest’.

Let’s meet the first four Houseguests! Jasmine is a Southern belle who runs a fashion brand. Kyle is unemployed and makes dance videos on Tik Tok. Paloma works in real estate and interior design. Monte is a personal fitness trainer. They are the first four to enter the Big Brother house. Before entering, Julie asks them to find a station and get a ticket for BB Fest. Julie also teases that one of them will eventually be the “Backstage Boss”. Their ticket will assign them to a specific location outside in the backyard. The four Houseguests scan their tickets one by one. Coincidentally, they are all assigned to the Porta Potties.

Let’s meet the next four guests. Alyssa works in customer service and loves poetry. Daniel is an Elvis impersonator and a Big Brother super fan. Taylor is a personal stylist and former Miss Michigan 2021. Michael is a criminal defense attorney and a member of Mensa. They enter the house and take their tickets for BB Fest. They go to the backyard and scan their tickets. Michael, Alyssa and Daniel are assigned the Merch Stand. Taylor is assigned a drill tent.

Four other Houseguests will then move in. Nicole is a private chef and former police officer. Turner runs a thrift store and lived in a van. Joseph is a lawyer and physical trainer. Brittany is a hypnotherapist and competitive belly dancer. They enter Big Brother’s house and take their tickets. After scanning their tickets, Nicole is assigned the Porta Potties and Brittany, Turner and Joseph are assigned the Piercing Tent.

It’s time to meet the last four guests. Terrance is a bus operator who works as a DJ at night. Indy is a corporate flight attendant from Brazil. Pooch is a college football coach. Ameerah works from home and has traveled to over 30 countries. They enter the house and take their tickets. Terrence is assigned Piercing Tent, Indy is assigned Merch Stand, Pooch is assigned Backstage Boss, and Ameerah is assigned Merch Stand. Pooch has to go up the stairs and sit on a golden chair. Julie shares more information. Houseguests in assigned locations will enter a contest. The winner of each group will advance to the final competition. The winner of this competition will be the first HoH of the season. As for Pooch, he will not participate in any competition. Julie teases more details for Pooch’s “Backstage Boss” mission will come later.

The Porta Potties contest is the first. It’s a quiz contest. They will listen to the audio of the festival-goers. The answer will be the number they hear most often: one, two or three.

Question 1: Everyone is right. Paloma is eliminated since she answered last.

Question 2: Everyone is right. Jasmine is eliminated since she answered last.

Question 3: Nicole is incorrect and is eliminated.

Question 4: They are both correct. Kyle is eliminated since he answered last.

Monte advances to final round of HoH competition.

The Piercing Tent competition is next. The first person to correctly attach ten jewels to their face will win this contest. It’s a fast-paced competition as Taylor, Brittany, Joseph, Turner, and Terrance quickly place the jewels on their faces. Turner gets all the jewels on her face first. Turner advances to final round of HoH competition.

The Merch Stand contest is next. It’s an endurance competition to be the last guest to hang on. They all grab a T-shirt and are lifted a few feet off the ground. Alyssa is the first to fall. Ameerah and Indy fall next. Michael then falls. Daniel advances to the final round.

For the final round, Monte, Turner, and Daniel must race to put together a drum puzzle. The first to assemble their puzzle will win HoH. Daniel finishes building his puzzle first. Daniel is the first HoH of the season!

Next, Julie reveals the details of the Backstage Boss twist. Pooch will not be allowed to enter any competitions this week. He also cannot vote in the next live eviction. However, he is safe and cannot be named or expelled this week. However, Pooch must also choose three other guests to come with him backstage. These three also cannot participate in competitions or vote during expulsion. However, unlike Pooch, they face expulsion. Before Pooch makes his decisions, he watches a quick video of each Houseguest’s introduction along with a fun fact about themselves. Pooch wants to make a fair choice and choose the first Houseguests eliminated in all three competitions. He chooses Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany.

Before the episode ends, Julie reveals a twist on the American vote without the guest audience. Viewers will be able to vote to save Paloma, Alyssa or Brittany from danger.

And that concludes tonight’s first episode of Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading and check back next week for the first live eviction episode of the season.

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