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A native of Serbia, Ivanovic was a hugely popular and successful player with Chelsea’s English Premier League side. With over a hundred appearances for his nation in international matches, we take a look at some of Branislav Ivanovic’s best quotes.

A versatile defender with a knack for scoring goals, Ivanovic won nine major trophies at Stamford Bridge in ten seasons.

Starting out in his native country, Branislav signed for the London club in 2008, and as well as scoring 34 goals in 377 games, he has triumphed in the League three times, the Champions League once, the FA Cup three times and the Europa League once. .

With 105 caps, he is Serbia’s top appearance-maker in international matches and was capped for two World Cups, as well as captain for six years, and was part of the Under-21 squad that finished second in the European Championship.

Described as a ‘tank’ at one point, Ivanovic was a tall and strong defender, able to be thrust into the role of a striker when needed due to his goalscoring abilities.

Twice named Serbian Player of the Year, he was recently with Premier League side West Bromwich Albion until 2021. Ivanovic is best remembered for having his arm bitten by Luis Suarez during a game in 2013. A career tally saw him appear in almost 700 games. so far.

“If you think Nemanja Vidic is good, you’re going to have a blast with Branislav. It’s even better.
Zoran Krneta (player’s agent)

“With that magic left foot, I couldn’t believe that [Ivanovic] would score such a goal with the left foot.
Jose Mourinho (Chelsea coach)

“…..Ivanovic is so precious. There isn’t another player in the league who can lead an entire wing on his own, act as an extra centre-back from set pieces and, in a pinch, become a better defensive midfielder than the guy who started .
Mike L. Goodman (Grantland sportswriter)

“He was a tank, he was so powerful and so strong, massive…..He has to be close (as being one of Chelsea’s best right-backs)…..he was so difficult to play against…..Powerful , fast , good in the air…..”
Darren Bent (former Tottenham Hotspur striker)

“He’s a great addition for us…..He ticks all the boxes for us…..He’s done it all in his career – it’s been magnificent…..He adds quality and experience on the pitch and off…..So it’s not just him, it’s him plus the influence he will have not only on the defenders but on the whole team around him. have targeted as one of our main targets. It’s a great signing for us.
Bilic slavic (West Bromwich Albion coach)

“Absolutely disgusted to see Brana leave Chelsea…..An incredible defender for us over the years and a big, great character and presence in the dressing room…..Everything earned at Chelsea and a true legend.”
John Terry (former Chelsea player)

“I have no doubt that he is my best right-back…..”
Jose Mourinho

“Ivanovic’s defensive versatility allowed Chelsea to change their approach and dominate the game. He’s garnered a lot of attention for his attacking prowess, and rightly so, but it’s really his malleability that makes him a perfect candidate for Mourinho.
Mike L. Goodman

“He’s a top professional, fit, naturally a strong guy. So I don’t see any problem with his fitness, especially when we only play once a week.
Bilic slavic

“Is he one of the club’s best signings? I think so… he has made a fantastic contribution to this club. He’s a competitive animal with a big heart…..He’s a great guy; what he does for us is amazing.
Jose Mourinho

“Ivanovic is not a big screamer but the short commands he does, that’s what I like as a manager because I want what we do in training to be executed by my key players…’s part of Ivanovic’s job to score goals and he does it very well. He’s done it many times before and he’s brave. You have to be well equipped in timing and execution, which he knows how to do perfectly.
Guus Hiddink (Chelsea coach)

“I don’t need to talk about him, God willing he will break the record… He has achieved a lot as a footballer. He has demonstrated his quality at clubs across Europe and has many titles He is another additional quality for us and a motivation to give more.
Mladen Krstajic (coach of Serbia)

“You just have to look at him to see what a beast he is, he goes under the radar a bit because he’s just doing his job, but what a player.”
Frank Lampard

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