Behind the scenes with the CMBC Special Events Team


If you have ever taken a detoured or rerouted bus in Metro Vancouver, you have participated in the work that is The Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) Special Events Team. Special Events is a small but mighty three-person team responsible for event-specific route changes for approximately 220 bus routes from Horseshoe Bay to Mission.

The team is integral to the success of events such as the BMO Marathon, Pride Parade and Honda Celebration of Light.

Special Events Operations Logistics Advisor Tony Liew is in charge of making sure everything always goes according to plan.

“It’s like a game of chess. So basically I have to figure out how I can accommodate everyone. I have to put all the pieces together,” he explained.

Tony has worked with special events for 12 years and says it’s no picnic.

“There are so many different factors [when planning route changes]. We have to take into account any construction that has road closures, dug holes,” he said. “I have to assign supervisors to go where they need them…the organizers have to know where to put barricades, when not to block us, when to clear them so we can move from one route to another .”

Big events can be a challenge for the Special Events team, but the outcome of their operations is certainly worth it.

“It’s very rewarding when things are going well.”

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