Aston Villa 3-3 Leeds United – LIVE BLOG: Marcelo Bielsa post-match reaction at Villa Park


Last update: Wednesday 09 February 2022, 22:53

  • Leeds travel to face Villa on Wednesday
  • The Whites return to play after an 18-day break
  • Leeds 15th, Villa are 11th
  • Kick-off at Villa Park is at 8 p.m.
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  • FT: Aston Villa 3-3 Leeds United

Thanks for joining us at Villa Park… head to the Leeds United section for all the ongoing post-match reaction.

Steven Gerrard, Aston Villa manager“We wanted to take the sting out of the game. It was frenetic, end to end and 100 mph. We almost introduced the Leeds style and needed calmer heads, so it felt more like our style. It would have been unfair to go up 3-1 I think. Leeds deserved this goal. They had a lot of movement and runners on the outside. We didn’t have the same creativity ourselves in the second half. A draw was the correct result. A fun match for the fans tonight but not for the coaches!

“It was Philippe Coutinho’s homegrown tonight. He’s definitely coming back close to where he was when the whole world was talking about him. There was a lot to be happy about in our forward play. Defensively, we have to improve but Leeds are really unique. It was a wonderful game, but not for me!

“We’re still learning a lot about the players and they’re on top of us. Leeds take you places you don’t want to go. They have pace and talent. We’ll try to improve, but sometimes you also have to pay homage to the opposition.

On Jacob Ramsey“He doesn’t follow in anyone’s footsteps. Jacob Ramsey is Jacob Ramsey. He will be a great player. It won’t be long before the whole country is watching, I’m sure. He’s right up there, let me tell you.

Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa at the BBC“It was a hard-fought match. Domination was alternated with moments for a team with possibilities, then the reverse as well.

“At the beginning, I don’t know exactly when we were dominating until we were superior, but some things we didn’t keep doing and the game got unbalanced.

“It was tough but we had a raise late in the first half which brought us closer. In the second half we slowly started to earn a draw.

“A draw was the fair result.”

Ayling against Coutinho

Luke Ayling says he enjoyed playing against Phillipe Coutinho: “No! Naa, we worked hard to get here, so when you meet players like that, it’s a good learning curve, but I stayed true to my task and I felt that I did well throughout the game.

Ramsey’s post-match reaction

Aston Villa striker Jacob Ramsey: “We really should have killed the match at 3-1. In the second half, I thought we were poor. It was like a basketball game. I think we are disappointed with a draw.

“Obviously I’m delighted to score two goals at Villa Park in a big game, but we conceded two silly goals so I’m still disappointed.

“If we go into the break 3-1 I think we’ll do better, but they scored that goal just before half-time. It’s a game we have to look at and take the positives out of it. C It’s two points lost but we’ll take one.

On the influence of Steven Gerrard“He gave me a lot of confidence. I grew up watching him so now that he’s goofy, I can only take his advice.

On Philippe Coutinho: “In the first half I thought we bonded well. He scored two goals for me and obviously scored one himself too.

James reaction after the game

Leeds goalscorer Dan James to BT Sport“Fortunately he went into the bottom corner and it was a good start for us. We are obviously disappointed to have conceded those three goals in the first half, but we came back and scored the point.

“The game was with them a bit, but we went out and controlled the game a bit more. I think we played well today.

“I want to score more and get more assists. I have to keep pushing and doing these races. We had injuries in the team. It may not be my favorite job but I learn every day.

“We always want additions for the team. The young guys who played played well, but obviously we want those players back.

What a game! We’ll have the full reaction here to a thrilling 3-3 draw…

Aston Villa 3-3 Leeds United

90+8. Raphinha gives a free kick halfway. Rodrigo sabotages the ball in the stands in frustration. Yellow.

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