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In 2021, President Joe Biden and the US State Department officially recognized April as Arab American Heritage Month. This month is an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of Arab Americans and to celebrate the diverse cultures, impact and contributions of members of the Arab American community.

According to the Arab American Institute, one third of all Arab Americans live in the metropolises of Los Angeles, Detroit and New York and more than two thirds live in just ten states: California, Michigan, New York, Florida, Texas, New Jersey , Ill. , Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. But whether you live in one of those states or not, supporting Arab-owned businesses is easy with this list of 20 Arab-owned businesses that ship nationwide.

From vibrant spices to syrup-soaked baklava, from fluffy pita bread to rich coffee; honey, halwa and everything in between, it’s easy to get a taste of the Middle East delivered right to your doorstep.

Alsaïda Grocery & Spices – Dearborn, Mich.
Here you will find a wide range of spices, coffees and teas as well as non-edibles such as imported perfumes and incense, skin care, jewellery, art and henna, all imported from the Middle -East.

apricot sun –Carmel, IN
Owner Marlen Wensel brings you the warm and savory recipes of her home country, Jordan, through her range of za’atar spices. This versatile blend can be used on vegetables, meats and anything that needs a flavor boost. Available in shakes or spread and in traditional or “hot” varieties.

Asal Bee – Dearborn, Mich.
At Asal Bee they ship one of the rarest and most sought after honeys in the world, Royal Honey Sidr. This honey comes directly from the owner’s family farm in Yemen, grown in an isolated and remote area of ​​the Do’an Valley where the nectar from the sidr tree has a higher concentration than normal Sidr honey. This aromatic honey is a “true luxury”.

Damas Bread & Bakery – Brooklyn, New York
Founded in 1930, three generations of the Mafoud family bake pita bread in Brooklyn using a recipe brought back from Damascus. This bread is naturally fermented and available for delivery right to your door through their partnership with Direct costs.

Diwan Cafe – Brooklyn, New York
Did you know that Yemen has the oldest continuously grown coffee in the world, with roots dating back to the early 15th century? And you can buy bags of whole bean Yemeni coffee, home-roasted with spices like cardamom, cinnamon and ginger right at Diwan Cafe.

Hashems Nut and Coffee Gallery – Dearborn, Mich.
As the world’s largest online Arabic food retailer, you can find almost anything at Hashems: homemade roasted nuts, dried fruits, over 100 varieties of spices, Turkish coffee, loose leaf teas, gummies halal and much more!

Jarir Bookstore – Garden Grove, California
Offering titles in Arabic and English, this shop also stocks translated English classics like Moby Dick and contemporary authors like Dave Eggers, as well as a wide selection of children’s and young adult books, educational resources, CDs and DVDs, eBooks, etc.

Candies Lebon – Dearborn, Mich.
This bakery ships boxes of sweets, including maamoul (cookies stuffed with dates, pistachio or walnuts), baklava and platters of kanafa (a dessert made with light dough, soft cheese and dipped in a syrup of sugar).

Leon International Foods – Atlanta, Georgia
A one stop shop for groceries imported from the Middle East. Here you’ll find everything from rose petal and eggplant flavored jams, halwa (a sweet made from tahini paste and flavored with vanilla or pistachio), pickled turnips and even books of food !

Masri candies – Dearborn, Mich.
This Palestinian bakery truly has something for everyone with accessible options like sugar-free baklava bird’s nests, fingers, mini roses, and more, while vegans can enjoy their new range of vegan baklava .

Muhanna candies -Tulsa, okay
Originally from Damascus in 1935, the Muhanna family expanded their US offerings to Tulsa in 2000. They currently ship their trademark baklava and cookies like maamoul, ghreibeh (shortbread), and barazek (sesame discs).

Nablus sweets – Bridgeview, IL
Handy in the kitchen? Nablus Sweets has everything you need to make your own knafeh at home, including ajina (a pastry dough used for the base) and knafeh cheese filling (a soft cheese with a consistency similar to Mozzarella). Or you can order a pre-made tray and let Nablus do the work for you.

Naji’s pitas –Birmingham, AL
In addition to their brick-and-mortar restaurant, Naji’s Pita also has a robust online store offering many pantry staples, including Egyptian black honey (molasses), pre-mixed spices for making falafel , kibbeh and shawarma, and their own baked pita bread. .

Nouri Brothers Shopping Center – Paterson, New Jersey
In addition to food items like home-baked zaatar bread, roasted seeds and nuts, Nouri Brothers also offers a wide variety of fashion items like fine gold and platinum jewelry, and entertainment like movies and CDs. Arabs.

Qahwah House – Dearborn, MI+ Qahwah House – Brooklyn, New York
Coffee lovers, get ready to place your orders! This Yemeni roaster offers small-batch roasts like Jabal Haraz (from a single-farmer micro-batch) and Qishr (coffee pods used to make a hot drink infused with ginger and cinnamon). Or get a bag of their unroasted green beans and try your hand at roasting your own!

Cafe Sajouna – Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Offering a variety of homemade baked goods for dispatch, including sweets like kaak el eid (anise butter cookies) and date fingers, as well as savory dishes like markouk flatbread and crisps of pita (in flavors like thyme za’atar and ranch).

Sarkis Pastry – Glendale, California
Want some Jordan almonds? You can order them here by the pound, along with anise macaroons, walnut kataifi (a traditional pastry made with walnuts and dipped in sugar syrup), and a box of assorted cookies.

Semiramis Fine Chocolates & Candies -Houston, TX
This Jordanian chocolatier found his way to Texas when Wafa Nemry brought the company to Houston. Here you’ll find gift boxes filled with delicious treats like pistachio stuffed apricots draped in dark chocolate, milk chocolate pistachio pink candies, fruit and nut nougats and rahaa (Turkish delight), and more!

Chatila Bakery – Dearborn, Mich.
A dessert wonderland, Shatila ships all of its homemade pastries, sweets, and ice cream, including flavors like mango, apricot, and pineapple. Currently offering a Ramadan mix of their award-winning baklava. This candy dish is a wonderful gift for someone who observes Ramadan as a treat for Iftar (the breaking of the fast after sunset).

Yafa Cafe – Brooklyn, New York
Featuring single-origin Yemeni coffee roasts and blends like Yemeni Mokha Java (with tasting notes of caramel, tobacco, passion fruit and vanilla) and Gold, a blend of World Heritage coffees from Yemen, Ethiopia and Kenya.

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