Apple WWDC 2022 live blog: iOS 16, iPhone 14 and the new Mac Air



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The AirPods Pro 2, or rather “AirPods Pro Second Generation” as some think they will be called, may well be arriving this year after all. The latest rumors suggest these won’t get a major overhaul, but will instead have small lifestyle changes, such as skin sensors to determine if the AirPods are in your ears or in a pocket.

An Apple developer attending today’s WWDC 2022 event tweeted behind-the-scenes photos and updates, including a glimpse of the Apple Developer Center. This appears to be a dedicated space for Apple developers from third-party studios to come in and exchange ideas and approaches; a sign that Apple is behaving a bit more like its old entrepreneurial self.

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A photo of someone using an Apple Pencil 2 on an iPad Pro

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iPadOS 16 could feature a redesigned multitasking interface that will continue to make the iPad Pro feel like a laptop rather than a bigger mobile phone/device. The two-in-one space is becoming the most contested sector as we all look for ways to adapt our work/life balance, with home and hybrid working becoming the norm. Later today, I expect.

Suggestions that the iPhone 14 could be announced later with a September on-sale date are also tied to speculation about new iOS 16 features. later payment for Apple Pay, which could give Apple an edge as the cost of living crisis takes hold globally and we all look for ways to make our money work better. Apple may also introduce a subscription service for its hardware so that we can pay for our iPhones, iPads and Macs monthly.

What can we expect from iOS 16 during today’s keynote? Rumors circulating suggest a focus on social media connectivity and health and fitness in particular. Expect new and expanded sleep tracking and medication management; a tool to scan pill bottles in the app, perhaps? Women’s health in particular could be an important part of any update.

A screenshot of the Apple Store

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The Apple Store is down! History tells me that when the Apple Store closes like this, it’s because it’s being updated with new Apple hardware to coincide with event announcements. This is the best confirmation yet that WWDC 2022 will have hardware as well as software reveals. Does that mean a new MacBook Air or Mac Mini M2? Not exactly, it could just be new colorways for existing hardware. But this new material is not yet on the table.

iOS 16 design

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Apple may be looking to introduce an always-on display as part of iOS 16, that’s the rumor we reported last week when we broke news of an always-on-display iPhone in development. Today could be the day we can see what Apple has been working on.

A rendering made by a fan of Apple's supposed VR headset (Image credit: Ian Zelbo/Future Owns)

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Rumors about the Apple VR/AR headset have been circulating for longer than I can remember, and many believe the metaverse will truly begin when this gadget finally surfaces. It’s such a bold idea – to deliver VR with AR and real-life pass-through – that a reveal later today seems too soon. Although that doesn’t mean Apple can’t share a concept or vision for its Metaverse headset. All rumors point to a 2023 launch and I think Apple VR/AR is so big it might even have its own event, as well as its own realityOS (opens in a new tab).

A photo of the Apple Mac Pro

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The previous Mac Pro redesign was shown off at WWDC in 2019, so chances are we could see similar hardware revealed later today. Mac Pro rumors have been circulating since 2020. Apple hardware engineering chief John Ternus has revealed that a new Apple silicon version of the Mac Pro is in the works, and that it will will arrive in 2022. Fingers crossed for later today.

MacBook Air rumors – if, and it’s a big if, Apple decides to show off a new MacBook at WWDC 2022, it’s likely going to be a MacBook Air and I’m thrilled. Bloomberg’s Marc Guman (opens in a new tab) thinks Apple wants to share the new M2-powered MacBook Air, but Covid-related supply chain issues could put that off.

Bloomberg says, “If there’s any hardware at WWDC, it’s likely to be on the Mac side. The company was aiming to launch the next MacBook Air with M2 chips at the conference. supply due to Covid-related shutdowns in China has complicated this, but developers say Apple employees are increasingly using next-gen MacBook Airs with their apps It’s a sign the new Mac is near .

A photo of the Mac Mini depicts the new Mac Mini M2

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Rumor: American supplier of Apple B&H has listed the Mac Mini M2 and the Mac Mini Tower (opens in a new tab) on its site ahead of WWDC 2022, and we’re thrilled. Will these new hardware revelations be used to announce the next generation M2 silicon chip? We’re a little dubious because the Mac Mini Tower has never been mentioned before, but we want to believe it’s a thing. A new Mac Mini seems to be happening, hopefully we’ll see it tonight.

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