Apple M2 MacBook Air review roundup [VIDEOS]


Apple unveiled a completely redesigned 13.6-inch MacBook Air with its new M2 chip under the hood at WWDC 2022 last month. The new laptop became available for pre-order on July 8 and is set to launch on Friday July 15, more than a month after it was announced.

Press embargoes are in place a day before the 2022 MacBook Air begins shipping to customers, and reviews have started hitting the web.

technology bible The edgeDan Seifert is a fan of the new design, which ditches the MacBook Air’s signature wedge shape for a boxier aesthetic:

It’s modern and refreshing and works great. Some might miss the wedge shape, but I’m not one of them. This new Air is a beautiful computer, and I think this design will perform well for the next five years (or maybe longer!) until Apple updates it again.

As you might expect, there were mixed opinions about the display notch on the smaller frame of the new MacBook Air. Tech CrunchBrian Heater, for one, didn’t care much and raved about the screen as a whole:

I assumed the cutout would be even more pronounced on a smaller screen, but honestly, I mostly forgot it was there after a while. Ultimately, this feature means Apple is effectively able to cram more screen into the same footprint.

The device swaps a Retina display for Liquid Retina, maintaining roughly the same pixel density (a 2560 x 1600 13.3-inch display on the 2020 Air and 2560 x 1664 on the newer 13.6 system), although the brightness has been increased from 400 to 500 nits.

CNBC‘s Todd Haselton discovered that the MacBook Air M2’s battery will get you through the day and more:

Apple promises 18 hours of battery life with the screen set to around 50% brightness. I did a video test, looping a movie non-stop until the battery died, and got just over 17 hours. I was streaming the movie and had things like the keyboard lights on, both of which impact battery life.

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Reviews of the MacBook Air M2 are overwhelmingly positive. Tech enthusiasts almost unanimously love the Air’s new design, and the M2 chip represents a significant performance upgrade.

However, The edge and others have pointed out that the 2022 MacBook Air suffers from the same disappointing storage speeds on the base model (256GB SSD storage) as the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2, which was announced alongside the former at WWDC 2022 and launched last month.

Apple spokeswoman Michelle Del Rio said The edge what follows:

Thanks to the increased performance of the M2, the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro are blazingly fast, even compared to Mac notebooks with the powerful M1 chip. These new systems use a new, higher density NAND that offers 256 GB of storage using a single chip. While the 256GB SSD benchmarks may show a difference from the previous generation, the performance of these M2-based systems for real-world activities is even faster.

Although the benchmarks are not exactly representative of actual performance, they are certainly indicators. A slower SSD leads to a permanent drop in performance in several daily workloads.

Users will even see a noticeable difference in file transfer times, as we saw in a previous comparison of actual performance on the MacBook Pro M2 between the 256GB base model and the one with 512GB of storage. Things only get worse in resource-intensive tasks like photo/video editing and exports.

That said, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re planning on getting a configuration with 512GB (or more) of storage anyway. Ultimately, the new MacBook Air is a sleek little machine that packs some serious firepower in a fanless design.

You can pre-order the MacBook Air M2 on today. If you order one, be sure to take advantage of the Apple Back to School promotion and get a free gift card.

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