A participatory list of our terriers’ favorite BU classes


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We asked. They delivered.

In honor of the course registration period, we asked our Twitter followers, “What’s the best class you’ve ever taken at BU?” They delivered. To help you, we’ve compiled responses from current terriers planning their Spring 2023 class schedule. Why? Because we know that a good course can make a difference in your academic progress.

CAS PS 333: Drugs and behavior

The description: This is a discussion course on addictive substances and psychoactive and therapeutic agents. The course presents a neuroscientific approach to how drugs influence behavior.

MET BI 366: Neuroscience of human cognition: Imagination, language and consciousness

The description: This course delves into the neurosciences of the imagination, what makes your brain unique, and questions the origin of language.

ENG EC 330: Applied Algorithms for Engineers

The description: An introductory course to the general concepts of algorithms. This includes various approaches to designing algorithms and data structures and how to use them to solve numerical and non-numerical problems.

CAS AH 323: Subjects in Latin American Art

The description: Spring 2023 theme: Activism since the 1960s. The class will examine the role of art and aesthetics in political action, highlighting the efforts of artists, activists and curators in struggles against dictatorships during dirty wars, persistent racial and gender inequalities, and environmental exploitation.

CAS PY 406: Electromagnetic fields and waves II

The description: The course covers electromagnetic waves, potentials and moving charge fields; radiation; electrodynamics; and special relativity.

CAS LN 380: Modern India through Bollywood

The description: This course examines the socio-economic history and culture of modern India through the lens of Bollywood or popular Hindi films.

COM CM 331: Writing for Communication

The description: This course involves intense exposure to press releases, editorials, features and profiles – some of the fundamental writing types used in the communications industry.

SPH PH 510: Essentials of Public Health

The description: It was popular. Food safety, toxic substance reduction, HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 vaccinations, tobacco control and prevention are some topics covered in this course.

COM JO 500: Media Criticism

The description: This course covers current controversies, strengths, weaknesses and limitations of news media. “Does the media have political biases? is an example of the types of topics this class will cover.

LAW BK 988: Mergers and Acquisitions

The description: The course provides an overview of transaction structure and pricing, hostile takeovers and defenses, tax considerations and social issues, among other issues that arise in banking mergers and acquisitions.

KHC MD 101 Lives and Fractured Bodies: Forensic Anthropology, Disasters and Human Rights

The description: In the context of global disasters, forced and voluntary migration, and human rights, this course will examine the duties and responsibilities of forensic anthropology, a subfield of anthropology that addresses forensic challenges. legal.

CAS AA 207: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

The description: Explores the current state of race relations in the United States and fundamental theoretical and empirical approaches to race/ethnicity.

CAS AR 206: Ancient Technology

The description: This course presents the emergence of culture and the reconstruction of early ways of life from archaeological evidence.

SAR HS 201: Introduction to Nutrition

The description: This course focuses on the components of a healthy and balanced diet to meet nutritional needs and avoid deficiencies and excesses.

QST AC 221: Financial accounting

The description: This class focuses on the interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of published financial statements.

Here’s to a great spring semester, Terriers!

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