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“Lots of moving parts”

February 20, 2022

Top Texans insider talks QB Deshaun Watson and his potential new homes.

Who knows more about the Houston Texans than iconic local sportswriter John McClain?

Nobody outside the organization.

So Joe was intrigued to hear McClain this week talk about creepy, sleazy Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and the stuff “hanging over his head” during a visit to WDAE radio.

McClain, who has 50 years in the business and is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a writer, referenced Houston police’s investigation into Watson, potential grand jury involvement and future suspension from the NFL as issues “hanging over Watson.” And McClain added “at some point the FBI looked into the matter”, noting that Watson had “a lot of moving parts” in his outstanding issues related to 22 women accusing him of various forms of sexual misconduct via lawsuits. civil.

Most interesting for Joe was that McClain had high doubts about Watson’s willingness to settle civil matters since he had failed to do so last year to facilitate a trade with the Dolphins. And McClain also suspects that neither team will trade for Watson until there is a resolution.

For Bucs fans eager to trade for the young quarterback, McClain noted “Watson loves Florida” and he thinks the Bucs could be an ideal candidate for Watson. But McClain also said Watson has friends on the Broncos’ roster and the Panthers are playing two hours from his hometown — and those are two teams with better draft capital to give Houston.

McClain speculated that the Bucs’ 27th overall draft would hurt them badly when it came to trading for Watson. He thinks other teams will offer better compensation than the Bucs.

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