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Here is the handpicked list of the best cooking blogs across Chennai. This list doesn’t stop at restaurants and street eateries in Chennai, it also covers some authentic food blogs. It’s also a good idea to say that most of these cooking blogs don’t stop at blogging on the internet, but are also very active on social microblogging sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. A perfectly curated list of the best Chennai food blogs!

A collection of traditional South Indian vegetarian recipes, kolams, rangoli, festivals and more. Variety of Kuzhambu, Kootu and Chutney recipes.

Easy to Cook Indian Vegetarian Recipes – South Indian, North Indian Dishes, Tamil Brahmins Recipes with step by step cooking instructions and pictures.


Her first post is a delicious Indian candy, Kaju Katli, followed by other delicious recipes in a step-by-step posting method. As she is a professional photographer, the photos in her publications stand out for their quality.


A spice to favor in Indian vegetarian dishes, dishes suitable for children, traditional Indian dishes and not least, the Indian diet for fitness and weight loss.


Madras Samayal presents traditional and modern recipes given to me by my mother, mother-in-law and grandmother.


Blogexplore – Culinary blog with Indian vegetarian recipes and egg recipes. A collection of easy and quick recipes from North India and South India.


Subbu’s Food is an indian vegetarian Food which has a collection of traditional and modern Indian recipes which are presented in a simple manner.


Food blog with exotic recipes from around the world, Indian fusion cuisine, innovative recipes and more… Keep an eye on my Instagram stories. I’m relaxing a bit these days, and you’ll see what I do on a daily basis, including silly things and In the wings!


Easy everyday recipes. This blog offers various recipes.


Cooking Flavors is home to the best quick and easy non-vegetarian recipes, vegetarian recipes, desserts, cakes, fusion recipes and videos.


Annam’s Cooking Guide to Do Every Day cooking easy. This blog has a good collection of recipes. If you like our recipes, blog them to your friends. If you have any new innovative recipes, please share them with us.


Awesome Cuisine offers you authentic Indian and international recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Contains recipes from Indian and popular cuisines from around the world.

super chennai

A Blog about eating out, cooking, travel and have fun. This blog is my way of sharing my culinary experiences with the world. What started out as a dining blog in Chennai has evolved to include meals from all over the world, but mainly Chennai and Bangalore at the moment, with a few internationals, but more importantly it has evolved to include food and my experiences. in the kitchen. .


Ranjani’s cuisine – based mainly on Indian recipes (vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes) and also started to explore international cuisines.


A delicious food blog with easy everyday recipes, step-by-step photos and how-to videos. I focus on researching, cooking, developing, honing, styling and photographing the recipes on our site.


Tasty appetite – Loads of quick, delicious and healthy food recipes. Stay up to date with our special Indian recipes, dishes, quick video recipes, events, contests and more …


Simple and easy dishes from my kitchen.


A vegetarian food blog with unique and interesting recipes from around the world mainly focused on South Indian cuisine. From traditional and authentic recipes to fusion and cooking without eggs.


This blog mainly covers South Indian recipes and some North Indian recipes for everyday cooking, with step by step images for easy understanding!


A healthy Indian food blog for babies, toddlers and kids with step by step pictures. Indian homemade baby food recipes, easy and healthy Indian recipes.


Disclaimer: Please note that this list is indicative and not exhaustive, and not based on any particular order.

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